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Anti Photo Radar License Plate Number Blocker Shield

This product counter-acts the Photo Radar 20 degree photography angle, with its patent pending 20 degree bend on the SIDE piece. It blocks and prevents the last one or two digit(s) of your license plate from being photographed and stops you from receiving a fine in the mail! The majority of Photo Radar Camera’s are dual purpose that ticket for Speed & Red Light violations.

Photo radar devices operate on a 20 degree camera angle. This is true for both speeding situations as well as red light intersections. When your motor vehicle passes by a photo radar "speeding" device or goes through an intersection controlled by a photo radar "red light" camera device, only a portion of your license plate will be captured and photographed. The photo radar blocker prevents the last digit (numbers or letters) from being photographed. Anti Photo Radar Blocker Shield


  • Simple 2-piece design
  • Made of rugged black polypropylene plastic – durable for life
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Can be painted to match any vehicle color
  • Fits ANY size licence plate in the world, mounts underneath the license plate
  • Effectively BLOCKS the last digit of your license plate
  • License plate remains 100% visible from the rear
  • Made in Canada


    Anti Photo Radar License Plate Number Blocker Shield
    anti-photo-radar-blocker-shieldRetail: $39.99Sale Price: $29.99 (You save: 25%)

    License Plate Shield accepts Visa,MC,Discover & AMEX
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